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Information on the Business Analyst solution Pricing
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Business Analyst solution Pricing

Business Analyst de 3 à 7 ans d'experience amené a accompagner les equipes MOA dans le cadre de la mise en œuvre d'une nouvelle solution de Pricing. Maîtrise de l'anglais indispensable

Benchmark of current pricing practices in the group Gather current pricing practices in the group for the various carriers and the various jobs involved (sales, pricers, ops). Ability to work on a quantitative basis (analysis of the statistics, figures of your topic) and qualitative basis (gather info through interviews...) Gather business requirements Gather information from the business through a very collobarative way of working: use surveys, amphi, webex, trainings… Propose recommendations Based on your benchmark and on the gathering of business requirements, provide recommendations for the new tool, with underlying changes in terms of organization and process Formalize business requirements Gather and formalize functional requirements notably through user stories. Define priorities Propose innovative practies Discover and understand the most up to date pricing science (user friendly tool, assistance for price definition, price sensibility, Pareto…) in order to define challenging targets for your topics Tests Coordinate or run functional tests of the tool ahead of users' adoption Change management for the new tools Coach users on the new tool to ensure their adoption

Characteristics No teleworking
No planned travel
Working time:Full-time

Country of the law under which the assignment contract is placed : France

This mission begins: ASAO

Beginning: 2018-07-03
End: 2019-06-30
Duration 1 an

Beneficiary of the mission: Myself / My Company
A Client

Fee:Minimum rate: 400.00 EUR
Fee:maximum 700.00 EUR

Characteristics of ideal applicant

Geographical location of the assignment:TBD Marseilles fr

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